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Flight simulation tools, add-ons, freeware and payware:


Charts and airport details


Sim routes - route finder, flight plan fully integrated with VATSIM

Network environments

- online flying simulation where thousands of other virtual pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC's) are enjoying together a virtual flying simulation as realistic as possible.

VATSIM - forums - for members located in North America - for members located in USA - flight tracking history for vatsim - pilots hours

IVAO - for members located in USA

Other Useful Resources


Weight and Mass Conversion for fuel consumption from lbs. to kg, need it for pireps


ICAO aircraft type codes


IATA aircraft codes

Aircraft specs, data, history and photos

List of airports by ICAO codes


List of airports by IATA code



Flight planning

Real World Flights Live flight tracking

Fun facts - for entertainment purpose, just have a look


Southwest airline flight attendant rapping the safety announcement

To see it, click here





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