Welcome to Thunder Eagles







Take few moments and learn more, see how it works.

We are a virtual aviation club with a real virtual economy and we invite you to join us. 

Why join us and what makes us different from other virtual airlines and flying clubs out there?

  • have a virtual life with us
  • have more just just a pilot career with us
  • have more than just awards and ranks
  • have assets in properties, cars, yachts, collectibles and much more
  • buy, sell and trade your assets as you need
  • invest wise and make even more money
  • become rich and successful as a result of your flying skills
  • make some real money while enjoying your hobby
  • make some new friends sharing the same interests with you
  • be active, be involved and have fun with us

Well, first of all with us. you are not just a number, you are part of a real community a real group of online friends and you will live in a virtual world created by us for us.

Your pilot is a virtual character and will have to live a virtual life as realistic as possible.

This means, your pilot will have to make money in order to survive and to be successful. Your pilot will have to advance with his career in order to make it in our virtual world.

With us, you don't just fly from point A to point B and back.

With us you have much more opportunities to enjoy the virtual community of fly simulation.

With us, not only that you can fly any plane you would like, your favorite plane, you can fly from or to anywhere in the world, you can also fly in special military operations, but even more, with us, you will have to rent or own a home, a car or a motorcycle and you will have the chance to increase your net-worth of assets.

With us you won't have a pilot career just based on ranks and awards, with us is more than that. With us, you can build a wealthy life for your pilot and become successful in our virtual world.

How can you do that? Well, you fly the virtual skis, using your skills, or work for our organization, or both combined, and you will earn a steady income. Yes, virtual money that is, but with real value.

With the money you make, you can first pay your living expenses, like rent and a car and with the money you save, you can grow even wealthier, you can buy your own apartment, or your own home, or any piece of real estate you desire, you can upgrade your car to a luxury or even an exotic car, you can even buy commercial properties so you can have extra revenue from renting them, and much, much more.

Your pilot can expand his possessions with luxury items like a boat, a yacht, and even a private plane for your own entertainment, to show off to your friends and family.

So as you work as a virtual pilot and maybe combined with working for the organization as well, you will acquire some virtual assets that will increase your net-worth value.

If you are active and involved and if you do everything right, you will progress and advance with your character in our virtual world and you'll become rich and successful.

Not only that will give you bragging rights, but more than that, you can trade and sell your virtual assets to other pilots just starting in or even more, you can exchange the virtual money you have in real currency and take it out to real world.

Yes, this is the only virtual aviation community where you can make some real money with your hobby. Sure, you won't make money like in real world, like working a real job or having a real source of income in real world. Let's not forget this is a virtual environment and a virtual group united by the same hobby, to fly as virtual pilots. 

We have a virtual economy and if the system works properly your virtual assets will preserve their value, when ever possible will increase their value and you can exchange them for real currency to use in real world.

That's why we are unique, that's why we are not just another virtual airline, that's why we have more fun and that's why you should join us.

With Thunder Eagles, you are living a virtual life of a pilot with a goal to become successful and rich while enjoying flying as a virtual pilot.

With Thunder Eagles you are part of a virtual aviation organization operating not just like a virtual alliance of airlines, but even more, operating like a virtual world where you'll have a steady income - if you are active and fly the virtual skies - and you'll also have living expenses combined with the opportunity to buy and sell virtual assets.

And it's fun being with other fellow virtual pilots and compete with them for who is the best pilot or who is the most successful.

So, if you'll join a virtual aviation community, why not join Thunder Eagles..??..

Join us now..!!.. Thunder Eagles wants you..!!..


The system is not yet fully implemented, it is still in development phase and is still work in progress.

But the system cannot function properly without an active and engaged community. In order to make it work, we need you and other like you. We need virtual pilots and dependable staff members getting actively involved with our organization.

Let's make it work and let's have some fun while we are at it.