This is a brief history of Thunder Eagles as a virtual aviation group from the moment it was established up until the present day.

September 2006

In September 2006 the core of the Thunder Eagles was created by some online friends and aviation enthusiasts, mainly - at that time - to fly on Second Life, a virtual world with over 2 millions of active residents..

However soon after hat we realized that the Second life™ platform was not able to handle very well flying objects and we all soon transitioned to FS2004, the well known stand alone flight simulator from Microsoft.

In time new members joined us, some veteran members have retired due to real life events that need it their focus, but the main core and identity of the group was protected and maintained by its founder.

July 2008

Ameristar Alliance was created

Based on the core members of the Thunder Eagles, a virtual group called Ameristar was created to represent us in many online MMORPG games.

You may find Ameristar name as a federation, alliance, company, corporation, or any other online entity that is created by association of multiple members.

You'll find Ameristar name in some online games like but not limited to the following list

Cyber Airlines

Trucking sim

Project Terra

Sim Country

Ameristar Alliance is still very active in present, with its members focused more on online browser games and less on flight simulation.

more details about Ameristar will be soon found at www.ameristar.info a domain owned by Ameristar group - for the time being the public website is not launched yet, as it is still work in progress - this is one of some other projects linked with Thunder Eagles 

June 2009

"thundereagles.com" domain was purchased and continuously maintained since then until present day

February 2010

start working in the background at our website - concept design, structure, basic development

multiple versions where started, tested, changed and abandoned or recreated, to the structure you see now

the testing or "alpha" version was never released for public since it was continuous work in progress

all though our website is public for the time being, we consider it still work in progress, so please excuse our imperfections - new ideas and suggestions are always welcome

Other considerations

Starting with the year 2008 the core members of Thunder Eagles gradually became more and more active with online flying on networks like IVAO and VATSIM until the present day. We fly mostly using FSX.

Everyone is welcome to join us and all though flying online on VATSIM or IVAO is not a mandatory requirement it is strongly encouraged.

We are always looking for new active and dependable members, since it's a proven fact, life can be overwhelming at times and as a result some veteran members lose interest and become inactive.

It's not easy to maintain and survive as a group, however Thunder Eagles is proud to say that since September 2006 is still here and will be here.

We have our own saying about our identity, continuity and dedication:

"We where here last year, last month, last week, we are here today and we will be here next week, next month, next year for years to come"

If you feel you can be a good fit, join us and let's all have some fun while flying online as virtual pilots.