Here are details about our headquarter office.


Location Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

At the Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC) we have significant infrastructure in place, like administrative buildings, hangars for aircraft maintenance and repairs, cargo and warehousing buildings, flight school center, customer service facilities, like check-in and gate desks, baggage handling, private parking for our employees and much more.

We also have our main Planes Dealership located at the KSLC airport.

We maintain smaller Planes Dealership stores for planes display and demo manly at all our Hubs and in few selected Focus Cities as well. 

Our main (HQ) headquarter office is however located in a pleasant area, in the business district of downtown Salt Lake City.


We are housing there the following departments:

  • Human Resources Department
  • Operations Department
  • Financial Department
  • Business Department
  • IT Department



Just few blocks away, in the same business district are located our Bank and our Real Estate Agency.



And of course, close in the vicinity but this time in the commercial district we have our Super Store area with the Cars Dealership, the Motorcycles Dealership and the Collectibles Dealreship.

The main Yachts & Boats Dealership is located on the shore of the Great Salt Lake where we have a private marina as well, providing slips for boat and yacht parking for our pilots and staff.

We also have smaller Yacht & Boats Stores and marinas operating in Los Angeles - Long Beach area in Honolulu, Hawaii area and in Huston - Galveston, Texas area.

We are in advanced negotiations to open few new yachts & boats stores and marinas in Florida, West Palm Beach area and in New York City - Queens area.

Work is in progress, check back soon for more details.