Focus cities

Here are details about our Focus Cities.

Maybe we should start by explaining what we consider as being a Focus City.

We label as a Focus City, an airport that is not a hub but where an airline has active operations to secondary destinations usually other than hubs destinations.

We establish Focus Cities at an airport that an airline will serve with local and regional flights, with small and mid size planes catering more to direct origin to destination flights and less connecting flights.

Same time some of our Focus Cities are located in the proximity of popular touristic attractions where we organize recreational air tours for sight seeing.

In some larger Focus Cities, we maintain specific infrastructure like hangars for aircraft maintenance and repairs, cargo handling and warehousing facilities as well as small tanks for bulk fuel purchases.

We also maintain larger teams of flight crew, ground crew, aircraft maintenance technicians, customer service and administrative staff.

Although our operations in a Focus City may seem similar with a Hub, they are at a smaller scale and usually the regular routes are served with a lower frequency.

Some of our main Focus Cities are:

San Francisco International, KSFO, San fFancisco, California, USA 

Huston - George Bush Intercontinental Airport, KIAH, Huston, Texas, USA 

Miami International Airport, KMIA, Miami, Florida, USA 

Tokyo - Haneida International Airport, RJTT, Tokyo, Japan


Some of our secondary Focus Cities are:


Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC) - Anchorage, Alaska, USA


Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF) - Buffalo, New York, USA

Henri Coanda International Airport (LROP) - Bucharest - Otopeni, Romania, Europe

Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport (LIRF) - Rome - Fiumicino, Italy, Europe

Rio de Janeiro - Galeão International Airport (SBGL) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America


This list will be updated often, so check back soon for more details.