Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is in fact Thunder Eagles?

A. Thunder Eagles it is a virtual group operating in the virtual world of fly simulation.

We operate as a Alliance of multiple virtual airlines so is it fair to say that Thunder Eagles is a Alliance.

Since we also have our own virtual economy functioning based on the supply and demand rule and since our residents are aviation enthusiasts, it is also fair to say that Thunder Eagles is a virtual aviation club.

Most of the members are virtual pilots, flying using a stand alone software for flight simulation as FSX, or similar. Most of the time we fly online using the VATSIM network.

A small number of our members are more engaged with the daily and weekly operations from the administrative side, with the website maintenance and  administration so as a result they may not be very active as virtual pilots on VATSIM but they are very active as staff members of Thunder Ealges. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, there are plenty of opportunities, please check the Management section or contact the HR department.

Q. Is Thunder Eagles a virtual airline like many others out there?

A. The answer is definitely "NO", not really...

All though the overall operation may look similar with a virtual airline, we are not quite a virtual airline.

We are a Alliance of multiple virtual airlines and we also have a special unit operating as a paramilitary air strike force.

We also are a virtual world in itself, because we have our own functional virtual economy, a bank, a real estate market, a super store, and our residents can buy, sell and trade assets in their quest to build a successful life.

With us, you can fly any plane you desire, you can experience from recreational flights in a small plane, to commercial flights operating an airliner or even flying a military aircraft, in a virtual mission during a military special operation.

With us you can also fly from or to any place in the world as long as there is a valid functional airport or airfield there. There are no restrictions as far as destinations or routes you can fly.

With us, you can also advance and progress not only in a career as a pilot, but more than that, you can become rich, famous and successful by acquiring an impressive net-worth of assets, starting with real estate elite properties, to fancy cars, exotic motorcycles, luxury yachts, valuable collectibles, artwork masterpieces and much, much more.

With a regular virtual airline, like many out there, you cannot experience this wide range of flying opportunities or a virtual life like with us and you can't have as much fun as we have here at Thunder Eagles.

That's why we are not just another virtual airline, that's why Thunder Eagles is unique and it is a pioneer in introducing a new revolutionary concept in the fly simulation community.

Q. Can I fly any plane, anytime and anywhere in the world?

A. In theory yes. but since we try to operate in a organized and structured manner, some extra steps maybe need it to be able to fly any type of plane, anytime and anywhere in the world. The proper settings must be done in order for the system to work, but this is something we can set up fast and easy.

Q. Do I really need to fly online with others?

A. No, you can also fly off line, however we strongly encourage our pilots to fly on VATSIM mainly and on IVAO networks whenever possible.

Not to mention that you're missing allot of fun - and realism too - if you don't fly regularly online along with your teammates.

Q. Do I need to take long training courses and tests until I will be able to fly my favorite plane?

A. No. We don't forget in fact it's all about fun and we all have this hobby for entertaining purpose.

So we won't force you to take lengthily training programs, to take complicated tests and assessments. We won't try to make it harder for you, on the contrary we want to make it easier and more fun for you.

However, if you request extra training, if you should require some extra training, some extra guidance, if you want to learn more on your own will, at your own pace, we will be glad to assist you with some training, from basic level to advanced and expert level.

Some minimum guidance - we call this orientation - will be offered at the very begriming - just so we can make sure we are all on the same page and we have a good understanding on how to have fun without creating discomfort for yourself or others around you while online.

Q So if anyone can fly easy any type of plane, how will I stand up with my great skills compared with others?

A. There will be a system of awards in place for exceptional participation, performance and results.

The core of this system is simple. You have to be active, dependable and online as much as possible. We strongly believe in seniority and we will grant privileges and awards based on seniority.

So the more active you are, the more flights you record officially, the more hours you turn in, the better you will stand up in our  "Top Of The Best From The Best".

On top of it, with our own virtual world and our own virtual economy, as a virtual pilot, flying the virtual skies, you will make money (virtual money that is) and you will have to make smart decisions in order to survive.

Even more than that, you will have to advance and progress with your career, the goal being to become rich, famous and successful with an impressive net-worth of possessions, from elite real estate properties, to fancy cars, to exotic motorcycles, to luxury yachts and much, much more.

If you are successful as a pilot and you manage to be wise with your spending and investments, you will definitely stand out and be on our "Top Of The Best From The Best"

Q. How will I advance in ranks as a pilot?

A. Based only on your seniority and your activity, on your ours, on your valid pireps you turn in.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to join Thunder Eagles?

A. Here are the basic requirements:

- to own or have installed on your computer a legal copy of FSX, with all the add-on;s need it for online connection to VATSIM network (FS Inn, FSUPIC, teamspeak, etc.)

- to have a valid and active account with VATSIM and in good standing - if you have an active account only with IVAO, it is great, but we strongly suggest to join VATSIM network as well - if you don't have yet an account with VATSIM, we can help you set it up

- to have access to a relatively powerful computer able to handle with no frequent interruptions an online flight on VATSIM

- preferably to have access to a controller type joystick or yoke, so you can better handle your plane while flying - this is not a mandatory requirement as you can handle the plane with the keyboard only, but it is strongly encouraged.

- to have access to a internet connection that will allow you to fly online on VATSIM network

- to be active, at least 5 (five) hours per month and to get involved within our organization

- to be polite and courteous to your fellow teammates and others outside our organization

- to be at least 14 years old, for pilots and at least 18 years old for staff

- and most of all, to love to fly online so we can all have some fun while sharing the same hobby and interests

Q. How can I become a staff administrative member?

A. Based on the availability of the position you desire, make your intentions known by applying with the HR department and we will approach you with more details about basic requirements and expectations for that specific position.

Minimum basic requirements are:

- at least 18 years of age - as a staff member we expect a minimum level of maturity

- be an active member of our organization and in good standing with us and with VATSIM network

- be active and available at least 1 (one) hour per week for administrative tasks

- available for daily email communications if need it

Q. What are the minimum requirements to keep my status as active?

A. We require a minimum flight time officially recorded of 5 (five) hours per month for pilots.

For those in a staff administrative position, we expect a minimum of 1 (one) hour per week on average for administrative tasks and daily email communication with others in need of assistance.

Special exceptions maybe granted based on unique situations mainly for "Hardship And Distress" or "Acts Of God". For more details contact HR department.

Q. How "Leave of Absence" works?

A. We all know that real life can be sometimes challenging and overwhelming at times. It can happen to any of us. So a "Leave of Absence" request will be generally approved so you can take care of your personal needs.

When you return back to duty, you will be reinstated in the same position with the same benefits and privileges and you can pick it up from where you left it.

Some exceptions may apply, in special if we determine that you used your "Leave of absence" to work for another virtual airline or a similar organization due to what maybe a conflict of interest.

For more details, contact the HR department.

Q. Does it matter where I live in real life?

A. No, we don't discriminate for any reason, as long as you are active and you can be online and stay involved, it doesn't matter where you live.

Q. Can I have my home city where I live in real life as a hub or at least as a focus city, so I can fly in and out of my home city?

A. Yes, in theory yes, since this is a virtual aviation organization in theory anything is possible.

However in this particular case, some extra steps may need to be taken. Contact the Facilities Manager and the COO to cover all the details based on your desired location.

If it will be decided to establish a new focus city or a hub at your desired location, more than likely you'll be assigned as the manager to handle operations for that location.

Q. Do we replicate real life airline schedules?

A. Yes and No. Confusing, I know... here is why...

Yes, because we have in place a codeshare agreement system that will allow us to share the schedules of another airline. So if you have a favorite route to fly from a favorite airline, yes, we can replicate a real life airline schedule.

No, because we also operate as a fantasy aviation organization, so we can fly where ever we want, how we want and when we want, not necessarily following or replicating a real life airline schedule.

This is one of the main reasons is great to be part of Thunder Eagles, because we have the freedom to fly any plane, anywhere anytime with no restrictions. Once again, in fact with us it's all about having fun and sharing the same hobby and interests.

Q. Many other similar virtual airlines or organizations are out there, many are born almost every day. Some are very successful and some of them fail and seize to exist by fading out in time.

How is Thunder Eagles different and will it last the test of time?

A. This is a very good question and all tough we cannot predict what will happen in the future this is our statement.

Since September 2006 we've being here and we plan to continue to be here no matter what.

As Thunder Eagles we have already our own identity, our own vision, our our mission statement  and we have a clear plan with a clear set of strategies and tactics on how to grow and to become successful.

Sure, there is no guarantee for success, but we are confident that with great active and dependable members we will be here in the future and we won't fade out so easy.

Failure is not an option for Thunder Eagles.

We are proud to be part of Thunder Eagles.

If you'll join us, you should be proud as well to be part of Thunder Eagles.

One of our mottos part of our identity is:

"We've being here last year, last month, last week, we are here today and we will be here next week, next month and next year for years to come"


This F.A.Q & A list maybe extended, updated and changed without notice as we see fit to better serve the organization and based on feed-back from it's members.