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Here are more details about us, who we are and what we do

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What is Thunder Eagles?

Thunder Eagles is a virtual aviation organization operating as a Alliance of multiple virtual airlines. You will often see on our website the term "organization" and that is to identify in one word the Thunder Eagles Alliance.

Since we operate as an Alliance, when you join us, you will have the opportunity to chose to join one of the virtual airlines or units curently operating as follows:

  • Apex Airways™ - a fictional airline that operates mainly local and regional routes with small and medim size planes serving mainly our Focus Cities
  • Golden Wings Airways™ - a fictional airline that operates local, regional, national and intercontinental routes with a wide range of planes serving our Focus Cities and our Hubs
  • Thunder Eagles Combat™ - a fictional private paramilitary air strike force unit, executing training and special military covered operations with military specific airframes
  • Other airlines will be available based on our codeshare agreements and on feed-back from our users

Thunder Eagles is same time a virtual world in itself, because we have our own virtual economy and the residents of our virtual world, our virtual pilots and staff members, can live a virtual life, make money, spend money, increase their assets and net-worth by owning real estate properties, homes, mansions, fancy cars, exotic motorcycles, luxury yachts and boats and much, much more.

Thunder Eagles was created by a group of aviation enthusiasts and virtual pilots that share the same hobby, flying online and offline using a flight simulator software like Flight Simulator X (FSX), xPlane and other similar programs.

Because we are a Alliance of multiple virtual airlines and a virtual world as well, and because there is no clear description of the type of organization we are, we also consider our organization as being a virtual aviation club.

What we do?

We fly online as virtual pilots using FSX on VATSIM and IVAO networks.

We also fly military training and combat special missions using FSX and ArmA2.

We try to simulate flights based on routes and schedules from real life airlines and military organizations, all though we are not associated in anyway with a real airline or military organization.

We also have a virtual life as pilots and we try to become successful by handling our income and expenses, by acquiring properties and virtual assets and by increasing our net-worth.

Disclaimer :

Any and all similarities with any real life airline or military organization, coincidental or intentional are for entertainment only and no infringement is intended for the brand name or trade mark of that airline or military organization.

Who are we?

We are aviation enthusiasts, big fans of airlines, airplanes, airports, air navigation and everything in between, we are real people that share the same interests and love to have fun in a virtual environment.

Some of us are actively working for or are separated or retired from a real life airline or a military organization.

Some of us are aspiring to join a real life airline or military organization and some of us are here just to learn more about how it feels to be a virtual pilot and fly in a virtual environment along with others.

One thing we have in common: we love aviation and we love to fly on the virtual skies. Since it's more easy and accessible to fly as virtual pilots, we all come here to have fun while flying any plane we can dream of, to and from any place on the earth and when ever we are ready to fly.

What makes us different from other virtual airlines or flying clubs out there?

Well, we never forget the main purpose we are all here is to have fun in a virtual environment. 

Our vision is simple: * SKY IS THE LIMIT * Having fun as a virtual pilot *

What this means?

With us, there is no hard training or tests to pass, no limits on what plane you can fly, no limits on what place on the earth you can fly, no one telling you what to do, how to do it or when to do it...

So as a result, with us, 

  • you don't have to pass a strict training program, or pass complicated and frustrating tests - there is a basic orientation probationary period of only 5 hrs., just to make sure we are all on the same page and you don't create discomfort for yourself or others around you while flying online.
  • you can fly your favorite plane anytime, even from the start - we don't limit the type of plane you like and want to fly based on ranks or other criteria - once again this is about fun so you can fly your favorite plane anytime with us
  • you can fly in and out from your own home city or any other city in the world that has a valid functional airport or airfield  - once again, we won't limit your ability to fly to just some specific cities - you fly anywhere you want, on any of your favorite places in the world
  • you can fly military aircrafts in special military operations - yes, if you like military operations, with us you can do that with no restrictions - once again, it's all about having fun and enjoying the virtual world of flying
  • you can take over a staff administrative position - if you are more active and you like to get involved even more, if you have leadership skills, if you want to make a difference and if you want to experience how is it to operate from an airline or flying club side and go above just being a pilot, you can do that with us as well - as a virtual organization we operate based on a real management structure and we always need capable and dependable candidates to join our administrative staff team
  • you can buy and sell properties and virtual assets and you can even make some real money by exchanging those virtual assets in real world currency and using it in real world
  • but most of all, with us you will have fun because you can fly at your own pace, anytime when you want, anywhere you want and any aircraft you want.

We believe in teamwork, cooperation and having fun based on mutual respect, so with us nobody will tell you what to do or when to do it or how to do it,  

We trust your judgment and your skills and we are confident that you'll have great time while flying and having fun along with all of us here at Thunder Eagles.

If you feel this is something you may like and want to be part of it, join us now and let's have some fun while flying as a virtual pilots.